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Innovation of Data Integration Technology in the Intelligent Era

· 4 min read


As we know, only manageable, callable, computable, and magnetizable data resources can be deposited as assets. The interconnection of information systems has created a huge demand for multi-source and multidimensional data integration, which imposes strict requirements on data processing and integration tools.

In the era of intelligence, under the trends of “smart city”, “smart governance”, and “intelligent products”, enterprises are mostly faced with the challenge of how to achieve efficient data push, improve platform quality, and ensure data security. Only by choosing the right data integration tools and platforms can data play a key role.

As a next-generation high-performance, distributed, and massive data integration framework, Apache SeaTunnel is committed to making data synchronization simpler and more efficient and accelerating the implementation of distributed data processing capabilities in the production environment.

At the Apache SeaTunnel Meetup (April 16, 2022), the community will invite experienced Apache SeaTunnel users to share the best practices of the project in intelligent production environments. In addition, there will be contributors to analyze the source code of Apache SeaTunnel, guiding you to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this powerful data integration tool.

Whether you are a beginner who is interested in Apache SeaTunnel or users who encounter complex and difficult deployment problems in daily practice, you can come here to communicate with our instructors and get the answers you want.

01 Sign up

Apache SeaTunnel Meetup | April online live registration has been started, hurry up and register!

Time: 2022–4–16 14:00–17:00

Format: live online

Click the link to register (free):

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02 Highlights

  • Detailed case study
  • Feature Analysis
  • Tips to avoid stepping into the pit from enterprises
  • Open-source community growth strategy
  • Face-to-face Q&A with industry technical experts
  • Surprise gifts

03 Event Agenda

On the day of the event, big data engineers from Kidswant and oppo will share the front-line practical experience, and senior engineers from WhaleOps will give a “hard-core” explanation of the important function updates of Apache SeaTunnel.


Yuan Hongjun, Kidswant Big Data Expert, OLAP Platform Architect

Years of experience in R&D and management of big data platforms, rich research experience in data assets, data linkage, data governance, OLAP, and other fields

Time: 14:00–14:40

Topic: Application Practice of Apache SeaTunnel in Kidswant

Speech outline: How to push data efficiently? How to improve the quality of the platform? How to ensure data security? What changes did Kidswant make to Apache SeaTunnel?


Fan Jia, WhaleOps Senior Engineer

Time: 14:40–15:20

Topic: Clickhouse Bulk Load Implementation Based on Apache SeaTunnel

Speech outline: How to implement the bulk load data synchronization function of Clickhouse by extending the Connector of Apache SeaTunnel?


Wang Zichao, Oppo Senior Backend Engineer

Time: 15:50–16:30

Topic: The technological innovation of oppo intelligent recommendation sample center based on Apache SeaTunnel

Speech outline: Introduce the evolution of oppo’s intelligent recommendation machine learning sample dealing process and the role of Apache SeaTunnel in it.

In addition to the wonderful speeches, a number of lucky draw sessions were also set up on the meetup. Anyone participating in the lucky draw will have the opportunity to win exquisite customized gifts from Apache SeaTunnel, so stay tuned~

About SeaTunnel

SeaTunnel (formerly Waterdrop) is an easy-to-use, ultra-high-performance distributed data integration platform that supports real-time synchronization of massive amounts of data and can synchronize hundreds of billions of data per day in a stable and efficient manner.

Why do we need SeaTunnel?

SeaTunnel does everything it can to solve the problems you may encounter in synchronizing massive amounts of data.

  • Data loss and duplication
  • Task buildup and latency
  • Low throughput
  • Long application-to-production cycle time
  • Lack of application status monitoring

SeaTunnel Usage Scenarios

  • Massive data synchronization
  • Massive data integration
  • ETL of large volumes of data
  • Massive data aggregation
  • Multi-source data processing

Features of SeaTunnel

  • Rich components
  • High scalability
  • Easy to use
  • Mature and stable

How to get started with SeaTunnel quickly?

Want to experience SeaTunnel quickly? SeaTunnel 2.1.0 takes 10 seconds to get you up and running.

How can I contribute?

We invite all partners who are interested in making local open-source global to join the SeaTunnel contributors family and foster open-source together!

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