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Version: 2.1.0

Download and install


Environmental preparation​

Prepare JDK1.8​

seatunnel relies on the JDK1.8 operating environment.

Get Spark ready​

Seatunnel relies on Spark . Before installing seatunnel , you need to prepare Spark . Please download Spark first, please select Spark version >= 2.x.x. After downloading and decompressing, you can submit the Spark deploy-mode = local mode task without any configuration. If you expect the task to run on the Standalone cluster or Yarn cluster or Mesos cluster, please refer to the Spark official website configuration document.

Install seatunnel​

Download the seatunnel installation package and unzip:

wget<version>/seatunnel-<version>.zip -O seatunnel-<version>.zip
unzip seatunnel-<version>.zip
ln -s seatunnel-<version> seatunnel

There are no complicated installation and configuration steps. Please refer to Quick Start for how to use seatunnel , and refer to Configuration for configuration.