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Version: 2.1.1



Write Rows to a Kafka topic.


Engine Supported and plugin name

  • Spark: Kafka
  • Flink: Kafka


nametyperequireddefault value

producer.bootstrap.servers [string]​

Kafka Brokers List

topic [string]​

Kafka Topic

producer [string]​

In addition to the above parameters that must be specified by the Kafka producer client, the user can also specify multiple non-mandatory parameters for the producer client, covering all the producer parameters specified in the official Kafka document.

The way to specify the parameter is to add the prefix producer. to the original parameter name. For example, the way to specify is: = 60000 . If these non-essential parameters are not specified, they will use the default values given in the official Kafka documentation.

semantic [string]​

Semantics that can be chosen. exactly_once/at_least_once/none, default is at_least_once

In exactly_once, flink producer will write all messages in a Kafka transaction that will be committed to Kafka on a checkpoint.

In at_least_once, flink producer will wait for all outstanding messages in the Kafka buffers to be acknowledged by the Kafka producer on a checkpoint.

NONE does not provide any guarantees: messages may be lost in case of issues on the Kafka broker and messages may be duplicated in case of a Flink failure.

please refer to Flink Kafka Fault Tolerance

common options [string]​

Sink plugin common parameters, please refer to Sink Plugin for details


kafka {
topic = "seatunnel"
producer.bootstrap.servers = "localhost:9092"