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Version: 2.2.0-beta


Clickhouse sink connector


Used to write data to Clickhouse.

Key features​

The Clickhouse sink plug-in can achieve accuracy once by implementing idempotent writing, and needs to cooperate with aggregatingmergetree and other engines that support deduplication.


Write data to Clickhouse can also be done using JDBC


nametyperequireddefault value

host [string]​

ClickHouse cluster address, the format is host:port , allowing multiple hosts to be specified. Such as "host1:8123,host2:8123" .

database [string]​

The ClickHouse database

table [string]​

The table name

username [string]​

ClickHouse user username

password [string]​

ClickHouse user password

fields [array]​

The data field that needs to be output to ClickHouse , if not configured, it will be automatically adapted according to the sink table schema .

clickhouse [string]​

In addition to the above mandatory parameters that must be specified by clickhouse-jdbc , users can also specify multiple optional parameters, which cover all the parameters provided by clickhouse-jdbc .

The way to specify the parameter is to add the prefix clickhouse. to the original parameter name. For example, the way to specify socket_timeout is: clickhouse.socket_timeout = 50000 . If these non-essential parameters are not specified, they will use the default values given by clickhouse-jdbc.

bulk_size [number]​

The number of rows written through Clickhouse-jdbc each time, the default is 20000 .

split_mode [boolean]​

This mode only support clickhouse table which engine is 'Distributed'.And internal_replication option should be true. They will split distributed table data in seatunnel and perform write directly on each shard. The shard weight define is clickhouse will be counted.

sharding_key [string]​

When use split_mode, which node to send data to is a problem, the default is random selection, but the 'sharding_key' parameter can be used to specify the field for the sharding algorithm. This option only worked when 'split_mode' is true.

common options [string]​

Sink plugin common parameters, please refer to Sink Common Options for details


sink {

Clickhouse {
host = "localhost:8123"
database = "default"
table = "fake_all"
username = "default"
password = ""
split_mode = true
sharding_key = "age"

sink {

Clickhouse {
host = "localhost:8123"
database = "default"
table = "fake_all"
username = "default"
password = ""