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Version: 2.2.0-beta

About Seatunnel

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SeaTunnel is a very easy-to-use ultra-high-performance distributed data integration platform that supports real-time synchronization of massive data. It can synchronize tens of billions of data stably and efficiently every day, and has been used in the production of nearly 100 companies.

Use Scenarios​

  • Mass data synchronization
  • Mass data integration
  • ETL with massive data
  • Mass data aggregation
  • Multi-source data processing


  • Easy to use, flexible configuration, low code development
  • Real-time streaming
  • Offline multi-source data analysis
  • High-performance, massive data processing capabilities
  • Modular and plug-in mechanism, easy to extend
  • Support data processing and aggregation by SQL
  • Support Spark structured streaming
  • Support Spark 2.x



Source[Data Source Input] -> Transform[Data Processing] -> Sink[Result Output]

The data processing pipeline is constituted by multiple filters to meet a variety of data processing needs. If you are accustomed to SQL, you can also directly construct a data processing pipeline by SQL, which is simple and efficient. Currently, the filter list supported by SeaTunnel is still being expanded. Furthermore, you can develop your own data processing plug-in, because the whole system is easy to expand.


  • Input plugin Fake, File, Hdfs, Kafka, Druid, InfluxDB, S3, Socket, self-developed Input plugin

  • Filter plugin Add, Checksum, Convert, Date, Drop, Grok, Json, Kv, Lowercase, Remove, Rename, Repartition, Replace, Sample, Split, Sql, Table, Truncate, Uppercase, Uuid, Self-developed Filter plugin

  • Output plugin Elasticsearch, File, Hdfs, Jdbc, Kafka, Druid, InfluxDB, Mysql, S3, Stdout, self-developed Output plugin

Who Use SeaTunnel​

SeaTunnel have lots of users which you can find more information in users



SeaTunnel enriches the CNCF CLOUD NATIVE Landscape.

What's More​

You can see Quick Start for the next step.