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Version: 2.3.2


Greenplum sink connector


Write data to Greenplum using Jdbc connector.

Key features​


Not support exactly-once semantics (XA transaction is not yet supported in Greenplum database).


driver [string]​

Optional jdbc drivers:

  • org.postgresql.Driver
  • com.pivotal.jdbc.GreenplumDriver

Warn: for license compliance, if you use GreenplumDriver the have to provide Greenplum JDBC driver yourself, e.g. copy greenplum-xxx.jar to $SEATNUNNEL_HOME/lib for Standalone.

url [string]​

The URL of the JDBC connection. if you use postgresql driver the value is jdbc:postgresql://${yous_host}:${yous_port}/${yous_database}, or you use greenplum driver the value is jdbc:pivotal:greenplum://${yous_host}:${yous_port};DatabaseName=${yous_database}

common options​

Sink plugin common parameters, please refer to Sink Common Options for details


2.2.0-beta 2022-09-26​

  • Add Greenplum Sink Connector