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Version: 2.3.2


UDF of SQL transform plugin


Use UDF SPI to extends the SQL transform functions lib.


package org.apache.seatunnel.transform.sql.zeta;

public interface ZetaUDF {
* Function name
* @return function name
String functionName();

* The type of function result
* @param argsType input arguments type
* @return result type
SeaTunnelDataType<?> resultType(List<SeaTunnelDataType<?>> argsType);

* Evaluate
* @param args input arguments
* @return result value
Object evaluate(List<Object> args);

UDF Implements Example

Add the dependency of transform-v2 and provided scope to your maven project:


Add a Java Class implements of ZetaUDF like this:

public class ExampleUDF implements ZetaUDF {
public String functionName() {
return "EXAMPLE";

public SeaTunnelDataType<?> resultType(List<SeaTunnelDataType<?>> argsType) {
return BasicType.STRING_TYPE;

public Object evaluate(List<Object> args) {
String arg = (String) args.get(0);
if (arg == null) return null;
return "UDF: " + arg;

Package the UDF project and copy the jar to the path: ${SEATUNNEL_HOME}/lib


The data read from source is a table like this:

1Joy Ding20
2May Ding21
3Kin Dom24
4Joy Dom22

We use UDF of SQL query to transform the source data like this:

transform {
Sql {
source_table_name = "fake"
result_table_name = "fake1"
query = "select id, example(name) as name, age from fake"

Then the data in result table fake1 will update to

1UDF: Joy Ding20
2UDF: May Ding21
3UDF: Kin Dom24
4UDF: Joy Dom22


new version

  • Add UDF of SQL Transform Connector