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Version: 2.3.4


JDBC Kingbase Sink Connector

Support Connector Version

  • 8.6

Support Those Engines

SeaTunnel Zeta

Key Features


Use Xa transactions to ensure exactly-once. So only support exactly-once for the database which is support Xa transactions. You can set is_exactly_once=true to enable it.Kingbase currently does not support

Supported DataSource Info

DatasourceSupported versionsDriverUrlMaven

Database Dependency

Please download the support list corresponding to 'Maven' and copy it to the '$SEATNUNNEL_HOME/plugins/jdbc/lib/' working directory
For example: cp kingbase8-8.6.0.jar $SEATNUNNEL_HOME/plugins/jdbc/lib/

Data Type Mapping

Kingbase Data TypeSeaTunnel Data Type
NUMERICDECIMAL((Get the designated column's specified column size),
(Gets the designated column's number of digits to right of the decimal point.)))
Other data typeNot supported yet

Sink Options

urlStringYes-The URL of the JDBC connection. Refer to a case: jdbc:db2://
driverStringYes-The jdbc class name used to connect to the remote data source,
if you use DB2 the value is
userStringNo-Connection instance user name
passwordStringNo-Connection instance password
queryStringNo-Use this sql write upstream input datas to database. e.g INSERT ...,query have the higher priority
databaseStringNo-Use this database and table-name auto-generate sql and receive upstream input datas write to database.
This option is mutually exclusive with query and has a higher priority.
tableStringNo-Use database and this table-name auto-generate sql and receive upstream input datas write to database.
This option is mutually exclusive with query and has a higher priority.
primary_keysArrayNo-This option is used to support operations such as insert, delete, and update when automatically generate sql.
support_upsert_by_query_primary_key_existBooleanNofalseChoose to use INSERT sql, UPDATE sql to process update events(INSERT, UPDATE_AFTER) based on query primary key exists. This configuration is only used when database unsupport upsert syntax. Note: that this method has low performance
connection_check_timeout_secIntNo30The time in seconds to wait for the database operation used to validate the connection to complete.
max_retriesIntNo0The number of retries to submit failed (executeBatch)
batch_sizeIntNo1000For batch writing, when the number of buffered records reaches the number of batch_size or the time reaches checkpoint.interval
, the data will be flushed into the database
is_exactly_onceBooleanNofalseWhether to enable exactly-once semantics, which will use Xa transactions. If on, you need to
set xa_data_source_class_name. Kingbase currently does not support
generate_sink_sqlBooleanNofalseGenerate sql statements based on the database table you want to write to
xa_data_source_class_nameStringNo-The xa data source class name of the database Driver,Kingbase currently does not support
max_commit_attemptsIntNo3The number of retries for transaction commit failures
transaction_timeout_secIntNo-1The timeout after the transaction is opened, the default is -1 (never timeout). Note that setting the timeout may affect
exactly-once semantics
auto_commitBooleanNotrueAutomatic transaction commit is enabled by default
common-optionsno-Sink plugin common parameters, please refer to Sink Common Options for details
enable_upsertBooleanNotrueEnable upsert by primary_keys exist, If the task has no key duplicate data, setting this parameter to false can speed up data import


If partition_column is not set, it will run in single concurrency, and if partition_column is set, it will be executed in parallel according to the concurrency of tasks.

Task Example


This example defines a SeaTunnel synchronization task that automatically generates data through FakeSource and sends it to JDBC Sink. FakeSource generates a total of 16 rows of data (row.num=16), with each row having 12 fields. The final target table is test_table will also be 16 rows of data in the table. Before run this job, you need create database test and table test_table in your Kingbase. And if you have not yet installed and deployed SeaTunnel, you need to follow the instructions in Install SeaTunnel to install and deploy SeaTunnel. And then follow the instructions in Quick Start With SeaTunnel Engine to run this job.

# Defining the runtime environment
env {
parallelism = 1
job.mode = "BATCH"

source {
# This is a example source plugin **only for test and demonstrate the feature source plugin**
FakeSource {
parallelism = 1
result_table_name = "fake"
row.num = 16
schema = {
fields {
c_string = string
c_boolean = boolean
c_tinyint = tinyint
c_smallint = smallint
c_int = int
c_bigint = bigint
c_float = float
c_double = double
c_decimal = "decimal(30, 8)"
c_date = date
c_time = time
c_timestamp = timestamp
# If you would like to get more information about how to configure seatunnel and see full list of source plugins,
# please go to

transform {
# If you would like to get more information about how to configure seatunnel and see full list of transform plugins,
# please go to

sink {
jdbc {
url = "jdbc:kingbase8://"
driver = "com.kingbase8.Driver"
user = "root"
password = "123456"
query = "insert into test_table(c_string,c_boolean,c_tinyint,c_smallint,c_int,c_bigint,c_float,c_double,c_decimal,c_date,c_time,c_timestamp) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)"
# If you would like to get more information about how to configure seatunnel and see full list of sink plugins,
# please go to

Generate Sink SQL

This example not need to write complex sql statements, you can configure the database name table name to automatically generate add statements for you

sink {
jdbc {
url = "jdbc:kingbase8://"
driver = "com.kingbase8.Driver"
user = "root"
password = "123456"
# Automatically generate sql statements based on database table names
generate_sink_sql = true
database = test
table = test_table