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Version: 2.3.4


Socket sink connector

Support Those Engines​

SeaTunnel Zeta

Key features​


Used to send data to Socket Server. Both support streaming and batch mode.

For example, if the data from upstream is [age: 12, name: jared], the content send to socket server is the following: {"name":"jared","age":17}

Sink Options​

hostStringYessocket server host
portIntegerYessocket server port
max_retriesIntegerNo3The number of retries to send record failed
common-optionsNo-Source plugin common parameters, please refer to Source Common Options for details

Task Example​

This is randomly generated data written to the Socket side

env {
parallelism = 1
job.mode = "STREAMING"

source {
FakeSource {
result_table_name = "fake"
schema = {
fields {
name = "string"
age = "int"

sink {
Socket {
host = "localhost"
port = 9999
  • Start a port listening
nc -l -v 9999
  • Start a SeaTunnel task

  • Socket Server Console print data



2.2.0-beta 2022-09-26​

  • Add Socket Sink Connector