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Version: 2.3.0

Common Options

Common parameters of sink connectors

nametyperequireddefault value

source_table_name [string]

When source_table_name is not specified, the current plug-in processes the data set dataset output by the previous plugin in the configuration file;

When source_table_name is specified, the current plug-in is processing the data set corresponding to this parameter.

parallelism [int]

When parallelism is not specified, the parallelism in env is used by default.

When parallelism is specified, it will override the parallelism in env.


source {
FakeSourceStream {
parallelism = 2
result_table_name = "fake"
field_name = "name,age"

transform {
sql {
source_table_name = "fake"
sql = "select name from fake"
result_table_name = "fake_name"
sql {
source_table_name = "fake"
sql = "select age from fake"
result_table_name = "fake_age"

sink {
console {
parallelism = 3
source_table_name = "fake_name"

If source_table_name is not specified, the console outputs the data of the last transform, and if it is set to fake_name , it will output the data of fake_name