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Version: 2.3.4


AmazonSqs source connector

Support Those Engines​

SeaTunnel Zeta

Key Features​


Read data from Amazon SQS.

Source Options​

urlStringYes-The Queue URL to read from Amazon SQS.
regionStringNo-The AWS region for the SQS service
schemaConfigNo-The structure of the data, including field names and field types.
formatStringNojsonData format. The default format is json. Optional text format, canal-json and debezium-json.If you use json or text format. The default field separator is ", ". If you customize the delimiter, add the "field_delimiter" option.If you use canal format, please refer to canal-json for details.If you use debezium format, please refer to debezium-json for details.
format_error_handle_wayStringNofailThe processing method of data format error. The default value is fail, and the optional value is (fail, skip). When fail is selected, data format error will block and an exception will be thrown. When skip is selected, data format error will skip this line data.
field_delimiterStringNo,Customize the field delimiter for data format.
common-optionsNo-Source plugin common parameters, please refer to Source Common Options for details

Task Example​

source {
AmazonSqs {
url = ""
region = "us-east-1"
format = text
field_delimiter = "#"
schema = {
fields {
artist = string
c_map = "map<string, array<int>>"
c_array = "array<int>"
c_string = string
c_boolean = boolean
c_tinyint = tinyint
c_smallint = smallint
c_int = int
c_bigint = bigint
c_float = float
c_double = double
c_decimal = "decimal(30, 8)"
c_null = "null"
c_bytes = bytes
c_date = date
c_timestamp = timestamp

transform {
# If you would like to get more information about how to configure seatunnel and see full list of transform plugins,
# please go to

sink {
Console {}


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