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Version: 2.3.4


Hudi source connector

Support Those Engines​

SeaTunnel Zeta

Key Features​


Used to read data from Hudi. Currently, only supports hudi cow table and Snapshot Query with Batch Mode.

In order to use this connector, You must ensure your spark/flink cluster already integrated hive. The tested hive version is 2.3.9.

Supported DataSource Info​

  • Currently, only supports Hudi cow table and Snapshot Query with Batch Mode

Data Type Mapping​

Hudi Data TypeSeatunnel Data Type

Source Options​

table.pathStringYes-The hdfs root path of hudi table,such as 'hdfs://nameserivce/data/hudi/hudi_table/'.
table.typeStringYes-The type of hudi table. Now we only support 'cow', 'mor' is not support yet.
conf.filesStringYes-The environment conf file path list(local path), which used to init hdfs client to read hudi table file. The example is '/home/test/hdfs-site.xml;/home/test/core-site.xml;/home/test/yarn-site.xml'.
use.kerberosboolNofalseWhether to enable Kerberos, default is false.
kerberos.principalStringyes when use.kerberos = true-When use kerberos, we should set kerberos principal such as 'test_user@xxx'.
kerberos.principal.filestringyes when use.kerberos = true-When use kerberos, we should set kerberos principal file such as '/home/test/test_user.keytab'.
common-optionsconfigNo-Source plugin common parameters, please refer to Source Common Options for details.

Task Example​


This example reads from a Hudi COW table and configures Kerberos for the environment, printing to the console.

# Defining the runtime environment
env {
parallelism = 2
job.mode = "BATCH"
Hudi {
table.path = "hdfs://nameserivce/data/hudi/hudi_table/"
table.type = "cow"
conf.files = "/home/test/hdfs-site.xml;/home/test/core-site.xml;/home/test/yarn-site.xml"
use.kerberos = true
kerberos.principal = "test_user@xxx"
kerberos.principal.file = "/home/test/test_user.keytab"

transform {
# If you would like to get more information about how to configure seatunnel and see full list of transform plugins,
# please go to

sink {
Console {}


2.2.0-beta 2022-09-26​

  • Add Hudi Source Connector