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Version: 2.3.4


Kafka source connector

Support Those Engines​

Seatunnel Zeta

Key Features​


Source connector for Apache Kafka.

Supported DataSource Info​

In order to use the Kafka connector, the following dependencies are required. They can be downloaded via or from the Maven central repository.

DatasourceSupported VersionsMaven

Source Options​

topicStringYes-Topic name(s) to read data from when the table is used as source. It also supports topic list for source by separating topic by comma like 'topic-1,topic-2'.
bootstrap.serversStringYes-Comma separated list of Kafka brokers.
patternBooleanNofalseIf pattern is set to true,the regular expression for a pattern of topic names to read from. All topics in clients with names that match the specified regular expression will be subscribed by the consumer.
consumer.groupStringNoSeaTunnel-Consumer-GroupKafka consumer group id, used to distinguish different consumer groups.
commit_on_checkpointBooleanNotrueIf true the consumer's offset will be periodically committed in the background.
kafka.configMapNo-In addition to the above necessary parameters that must be specified by the Kafka consumer client, users can also specify multiple consumer client non-mandatory parameters, covering all consumer parameters specified in the official Kafka document.
schemaConfigNo-The structure of the data, including field names and field types.
formatStringNojsonData format. The default format is json. Optional text format, canal-json, debezium-json and avro.If you use json or text format. The default field separator is ", ". If you customize the delimiter, add the "field_delimiter" option.If you use canal format, please refer to canal-json for details.If you use debezium format, please refer to debezium-json for details.
format_error_handle_wayStringNofailThe processing method of data format error. The default value is fail, and the optional value is (fail, skip). When fail is selected, data format error will block and an exception will be thrown. When skip is selected, data format error will skip this line data.
field_delimiterStringNo,Customize the field delimiter for data format.
start_modeStartMode[earliest],[group_offsets],[latest],[specific_offsets],[timestamp]Nogroup_offsetsThe initial consumption pattern of consumers.
start_mode.offsetsConfigNo-The offset required for consumption mode to be specific_offsets.
start_mode.timestampLongNo-The time required for consumption mode to be "timestamp".
partition-discovery.interval-millisLongNo-1The interval for dynamically discovering topics and partitions.
common-optionsNo-Source plugin common parameters, please refer to Source Common Options for details

Task Example​


This example reads the data of kafka's topic_1, topic_2, topic_3 and prints it to the client.And if you have not yet installed and deployed SeaTunnel, you need to follow the instructions in Install SeaTunnel to install and deploy SeaTunnel. And if you have not yet installed and deployed SeaTunnel, you need to follow the instructions in Install SeaTunnel to install and deploy SeaTunnel. And then follow the instructions in Quick Start With SeaTunnel Engine to run this job.

# Defining the runtime environment
env {
parallelism = 2
job.mode = "BATCH"
source {
Kafka {
schema = {
fields {
name = "string"
age = "int"
format = text
field_delimiter = "#"
topic = "topic_1,topic_2,topic_3"
bootstrap.servers = "localhost:9092"
kafka.config = { = client_1
max.poll.records = 500
auto.offset.reset = "earliest" = "false"
sink {
Console {}

Regex Topic​

source {
Kafka {
topic = ".*seatunnel*."
pattern = "true"
bootstrap.servers = "localhost:9092" = "seatunnel_group"


Replace the following ${username} and ${password} with the configuration values in AWS MSK.

source {
Kafka {
topic = "seatunnel"
bootstrap.servers = ",," = "seatunnel_group"
kafka.config = {
sasl.jaas.config=" required username=\"username\" password=\"password\";"
#sasl.jaas.config=" required;"


Download aws-msk-iam-auth-1.1.5.jar from and put it in $SEATUNNEL_HOME/plugin/kafka/lib dir.

Please ensure the IAM policy have "kafka-cluster:Connect",. Like this:

"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [

Source Config

source {
Kafka {
topic = "seatunnel"
bootstrap.servers = ",," = "seatunnel_group"
kafka.config = {
#sasl.jaas.config=" required username=\"username\" password=\"password\";"
sasl.jaas.config=" required;"